'Exploring The Edge: Abuse, Addiction, Divorce and Disability Issues' Class Description

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Name: Exploring The Edge: Abuse, Addiction, Divorce and Disability Issues
Description: This course explores the healing of the psyche through a four pointed model, which looks at a symptom through the lenses of early childhood experience and inter generational patterns, current milieu, in session dynamics, and spiritual lessons. The author offers her vast experience with client vignettes spanning socioeconomic, cultural and gender and age differences. The model is further illustrated through valuable chapters on abuse, addiction, divorce and disability as clinical issues. Each issue and case is presented through the model as well as, a discussion of symbols that emerge in the client's healing process through art, play therapy, dream work and sandplay.
CE Hours: 10
Price: 110.00


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1.Exploring the Edge post test0


1.Exploring toc
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